Saturday, August 20, 2011

Help us plan our new 4-H year 2011/2012

We are encouraging all our new and prospective members, parents and project leaders to help us plan our upcoming year and agenda.What projects are you interested in? What type of competitions do you want to participate in? What about Summer camp?

Please join us August 30th at 6:30 Key Stone Community Center for an exchange of ideas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Nothing makes a Mother and 4-H Leader prouder than when a six year old does the right thing in every aspect!
Shaylee Sharples & Sox
Saturday was a trying day for us to get all 5 horses to Logendale for our monthly gymkhana series.  We left extra early, as we always do, but had the bad luck of having two FLAT tires on the way.  We were rescued by one of our 4H Dad's delivering a tire, that barely fit, so that we could limp the rest of the way to the Clark County Fair Grounds.  Upon almost arriving a some-what frantic call is made by one of the parents to inform us that we have 5 minutes or her daughter will miss her class.  We are about 10 minutes away and know that it is going to be close.  As we are approaching the arena we are making plans on how we are going to tag team to get the horses unloaded quickly, get Sox saddled and ready to go.  Yes, of course she is one of the last ones we unload.  In the meantime, Mom is stalling the event as much as possibly when it gets down to the wire.  Shaylee has to make the run her horse cold or to take McKenna up on her extremely generous offer of lending her Jingle Bells to compete on.  Let's remember..this is a 6 year old lending another 6 year old (her biggest competitor for the season) her horse so that she does not lose her point standing.  Mom steps in and lets Shaylee know that she has a choice to make...ride Jingle Bells or to ride her horse cold out of the trailer.  In the meantime, those of us not knowing what is happening at the arena are unloading horses and getting Sox brushed and saddled in record time.  We meet Shaylee at the gate to find out that she did one of the bravest and smartest things.  She chose to ride a horse in competition that she had never thrown a leg over instead of taking a chance at injuring her horse by riding it COLD.  Her horsemanship and her love for Sox allowed her to make one of the best decisions.  In the end...Shaylee placed in the top three on a horse that she had never rode in two events and then had time to warm up Sox and ride her in the last two events.  A win, win situation for ALL! 
We are very proud of you Shaylee for making such a good BIG decision! 
Thank you goes to McKenna & her Mom, Becky!  We believe you get the sportsmanship award of the day!  You set a great example for our 4H kids!
McKenna & Jingle Bells

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Demonstrations at Clark County Fair 2011

Sandy Valley 4H Club set up the Demonstration competition for the Clark County Fair in Logandale.  Many club members participated.  Maddy Wadley competed in the Intermediate Division, demonstrating "How to Feed a Market Show Hog."  She did a fine job, taking second place in her division.

Chasen Young
The Senior Division was well represented by three members: Chasen Wadley, Darby Wadley, and Mary Benner.  Chasen brought home first place in the Senior division with his demonstration on "Veterinary Needs of a Market Show Hog," during which, Chasen showed the judges and crowd how to remove the young hog's tusks and clip its tail.  The toughest part of his demonstration was how to castrate the young hog.  Using a ping pong ball, a balloon, and some saran wrap, as well as a knife, he gave a good portrait of a real castration process.  And he did it as clinically as a good veterinarian!  Great job, Chasen!

Darby Wadley
Darby Wadley brought home second place with his demonstration "How to Show a Market Swine."  Darby's flair for showmanship was well demonstrated to the judges, who enjoyed his style and attention to the details on how to win the game of showing.  He was funny and personable and the judges loved it!  The kicker was when he brought his little sister, OllieAnna, costumed as little pig, to demonstrate his showmanship.  She stole the show!
Mary Benner
Mary Benner demonstrated "Embellishing Felted Wool with Seed Beads."  Mary's demonstration was close-up with the judges, as she showed them with needle and thread, how to embellish the wool.  She took fourth place in the Senior Division.
The Junior Division was represented by Hannah Henry, who demonstrated "How to Make Slime."  Hannah took third place.

Cloverbuds OllieAnna Wadley and Tage Colon received Class Act awards for their demonstration on "How to Make a Chia Pet."

Great participation by all!  Our 4H kids did a great job!  Congratulations!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Letter from our Club President!

Chasen Young - Club President
Sandy Valley 4-H Club
Clark County Fair & Rodeo 2011
What a great Fair! As the president of SV 4-H Club I would like to say, on behalf of us all, Thank You! Our club leader and project leaders deserve all the credit. It is their diligence and commitment that path the way for our success. For most of you, you probably don’t realize what it takes for us, as a club, to achieve at this level and accomplish what we have.
Our club leader, Kelly Wadley, sits on the fair council and helps to plan and organize events and activities. This requires endless meetings and trips into town as she meets with other leaders and cooperative extension council. She also advises us on demonstration preparations, and provides resources for our project books and educational displays, and overseas the operations of our club.
Our livestock leader, Eric Wadley, helps us to secure our animal projects, works as banker to front the required money, works with us daily on showing techniques, helps us figure our feed and weight gain ratios and grooming & clipping our animals for the show ring. He was right there with us for the miles we put on our show hogs both in the desert and our practice pen.
Our Navajo Wool Leaders, Gregg and Sheryl Neff, raise the sheep, that provide the wool for our projects. We assist in sheering and preparations of the wool, but they provide everything else, from the hundreds of felting needles we must have gone through, to the patterns and dyes we used to craft our projects. We met at their home every week for months to get everything finished, often times working through dinner and into the late night hours.
 Our poultry leader, Pam Smith, came to our homes to help us with showing styles and techniques. Having a difficult time getting everyone together at the same time, she decided it would work out better for us all if she did the traveling.
Our parents were present at these meetings and drove us to get every task completed on time (probably the most challenging of all).
Our horsemanship Leader, Gina Timberlake, plans all the equine events and arranges travel for our club members and their horses. It is unfortunate that horsemanship events are not available at the county fair (4-H equine events are not available due to the PRCA Rodeo taking place in the arena). However, that does not stop her from getting involved. With the help of Angie Davidson, She has held fundraisers to support our livestock projects. Gina has been personally responsible for getting buyers to come out to the auction, securing financial investors and project sponsorship (thank you Mr. Giles). Most importantly, she helps to keep our parents sane by keeping us all in line.
The community has also been an unbelievable source of support. The trails End General Store for their relentless contributions (too many to list one by one), The Hitchin Post Pizza Parlor for the club meals and support of our snack shack at arena events, The Post Office for donating business services and gifts for our various events. Mr. and Mrs. Auer for donating our livestock scale, Wanda Van Dyke for her photography, Todd and Becky Goodwin for the use of their arena and for their donations from the proceeds of Diamond L events, The Vetter Ranch, Sandy Valley Ranch, Keystone Community Center and Judge Dawn Havilland. There are many, many more businesses and individuals that have been generous and supportive to our club and its members and we thank you all.
This will be the last year that I participate as a 4-H member. I will be heading off to serve in the National Guard Reserves and then to UNR. But my experiences with this club and its sponsors have impacted my life. I am sure I too will be a sponsor of 4-H in the near future and I look forward to serving with the same eagerness and enthusiasm that all of you have shown to me.
Preparing for Fair!
 Chasen completing community service hours during
Sandy Valley Clean Up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yummy Yummy for your Tummy

Stop by the Diamond L Arena this weekend for some good home cooking!  On Saturday we will be serving Biscuits & Gravy for breakfast, Indian Tacos for lunch & pulled BBQ pork for dinner.  Sunday we will be serving pancakes for breakfast and Hot Dogs for luch.  Stop by....Watch the Extreme Trail Competition on Saturday....Watch Barrell Racing on Sunday.....Eat a yummy meal!  Hope to see you all there!

Authentic Navajo Taco

All dontations will go to the 4H Horse Project kids and Keystone Center.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I pledge my head to give children the information I can,
to help
them see things clearly and to make wise decisions.

I pledge my heart to encourange and
suport children
no matter whether they have success or disappointments.

I pledge my hands to help children's groups;
if I cannot be a leader,
I can help in many equally important ways.

I pleadge my health to keep children
strong & well
for a better world through 4-H,
for children's groups, our community,our country
and our world.

thank you graphic

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gymkhana Series will be held at the Diamond L Arena located at:

    • March 26th           1pm
    • April 16th               1pm
    • May 21st                  7pm
    • June 25th               7pm
    • July 30th                 7pm
    • August 27th           7pm
    • September 10th   7pm
    • October 29th         1pm
We look forward to seeing you there!

Key the dates into your calendars:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Join our 2011 Open Gymkhana Series to be held at the Diamond L Arena in Sandy Valley, NV.

The purpose of this series is to create a "family friendly" environment for the horse community.  Our 4-H Club is based on good family values and we would like to share that environment with you.  All proceeds will be used to assist equine members to pay traveling expenses for themselves and their horses to future events.  The youth enjoy participating in the annual gymkhana series in Logendale, NV promoted by the Moapa Valley Riders and look forward to possibly competing in the Lincoln County Fair in Panaca, NV.

Anyone interested in competing for year end awards must purchase an annual membership.  Each member can not miss more than 2 gymkhana's in order to qualify for year end awards.  All monies collected for membership will go towards year end awards.
$10 per person
$35 for Family of 4 or more

  • Clover Leaf Barrels
  • Poles
  • London Bridge (jump optional for 10 & Under)
  • Draw (Event will be drawn day of event.)
  • $5 Fee Per Event
  • $2 Time Only (Limit 2 per person)
  • $3 Insurance Fee Per Person
  •  5 & Under (Leadline optional)
  • Ages 6 - 10
  • Ages 11 - 18
  • Ages 19 - 39
  • Ages 40-55
  • Ages 56 & Over


On Saturday March 19, 2011 the Equine and Swine projects held a bake sale at the Trails End General store. The kids and other generous volunteers baked up many different goodies for the sale. Gina, Kelly, and I along side the kids braved the cold windy day and were rewarded greatly as we raised a generous amount that will be split between the two projects. Without the immense generosity of our great citizens of Sandy Valley we would not have made a dime. I would like to throw a shout out to the Trails End for letting us use their store front to set up our bake sale. If not for them we would not have had such a busy spot to sell our goods. We would also like to thank the many people who donated baked goods for us to sell; we have had many praises about how good they tasted and were asked more than once when we would be holding another bake sale. On a personal note I would like to say thank you to the project leaders and the kids. Sandy Valley 4H group has proven to be a very respectful, blessed, awesome group of people and we are grateful to have such hard working leaders and kids. 
Bake Sale clipART
Angela Davison

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As you may or may not know our 4-H members are counting down the days to fair. Our livestock and poultry members have been feeding, grooming, exercising and weighing to get ready for the big day. They have very specific weight requirements to meet. Thanks to Wynn Auer for donating our livestock scales (which are accurate enough to weigh a 3lb chicken) these requirements will be easier to meet this year. In years past we have had members that could not participate in the auction due to not meeting these weight restrictions.
                Our weigh in is on Wednesday, April 16th (keep your fingers crossed). We have one pig that is barely going to make weight. Thursday is the market class, where animals are judged on their conformation. Friday is showman ship, where the members are judged on their ability to show their animal. And finally our awards presentation and auction is on Saturday, April 9.
                To summarize how all this works our members spend about $350.00 on a show hog (their goal is to win Grand Champion), another $300.00 on show feed containing no less than 19% protein, then a finisher to soften them up and add finish or a desired amount of fat.  So you can see they have a lot invested into the success of their project. Not to mention they are walking them and exercising them daily.  You can help support their efforts by the following:
A)    Donating bonus money to offset the cost, $25.00 minimum is set by the Jr. Livestock Association. The CCJLA does not guarantee a buyer for these kids, so this bonus money is a life saver for many of them.
B)     Bidding via silent auction, where you do not have to be present but agree to pay so much per pound ($2.75-$4.00 depending on how they place in their show is about the going rate). The Auctioneer will start the bid at the price that has been committed. You may be outbid by someone attending the auction.
C)     You can commit to total sale price regardless of weight, which is between 230 and 280 lbs. For example you may say I will pay a total of $800.00 for your pig.
D)    Or, you can attend the auction and participate in the live bidding. It is very exciting and for those of you who have never participated it is an event you just have to attend.

The members pay for the butcher and the wrap and will deliver your pork ready for the Bar-B-Q.

For our poultry members all the above applies except for a few things.  This is the first year the fair has opened registration for a market pen and only the Grand and Reserve Champion will go through the auction. The 4-H Council and CCJLA have selected only twelve members in the county to participate in this first time event and we have two of our own Sandy Valley 4-H members participating, Nicole Bangs and Chasen Young. The market pens of poultry will be exhibited in the small animal barn and sold via silent auction where spectators can drop a total sale bid into the box. You do not have to be present to bid in this way. You can commit to a price and have your name and amount submitted for you. Chickens will be sold in a pen of three and will be delivered to you live. You can process them yourself as you desire.
We also have our Navajo Wool members that will be submitting their projects for judging. They have felted, sewn and weaved their creations. This is a first time project for our fair and we are looking forward to seeing them all succeed. Our club will also be participating in the demonstration contest, educational display, judging and many other exhibits and events. 
Our fair has not yet been able to include the horsemanship members due to limited space. They promote a PRCA Rodeo and can not spare any arena time. Many of them however, do  participate in demonstrations and other contests and events.
We wish all of our members luck at fair this year. But our prayers have to be with the numerous project leaders, volunteers and parents that are asking themselves at this very moment “What did I get myself into”. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to participate, 4-H is an extremely time involved program that requires many dedicated and selfless volunteers. We are creating the leaders of tomorrow and teaching these life skills is a long and tedious task. Thanks to all of you that have made this possible for us and our members.  We will keep you posted on our success.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day! Wear you Clover proud!

What day would be better to explain to you
 what our 4-H Four Leaf Clover stands for.  

The name represents four personal development areas of focus for our organization: head, heart, hands, and health. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A Bake Sale will be held at the Trails End General Store on Saturday, March 19th at 10am.

All monies will be split between the swine and equine project youth to help with travel expenses to the Clark County Fair and Gymkhana events

Stop by and take a look at all the sweets & goodies they will have to offer.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun in Logendale!

Heather Vale & Wimsy
 A great time was had at the gymkhana in Logendale this past Saturday.  Congratulations to Shaylee Sharples for taking 1st place in each of her events.  A job well done for your first trip without Mom!  Heather Vale and Ollie Anna Wadley also competed with the results pending.  Let's hope Heather and Wimsy were able to earn enough points to keep them in 1st place in their division.  As you can see above......They look like they are running faster than the wind!  Great job girls!  A big Thank You to the Hitchin' Post and to the Hoffman family for their financial support to make this trip possible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Logendale Here We Come!

The gymkhana in Logendale was cancelled the month of February due to bad weather!  We are looking forward to attending the March event this weekend.  We will be loading up kids and horses about 5am on Saturday and heading up the road.  The events are held at the Clark County Fair Grounds in Logendale.  If you have any free time we would love to have you come and watch our kids compete.  They are an amazing group of athletes that will blow your socks off! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4-H Favorites

Submitted by: Angela Davidson and her daughers Cydney and Hannah

We are so excited to be involved in 4H this year. We began the 4H year in October and since then we have been non-stop involved in the activities. Thanks to the project leaders there are always plenty of things to do and learn when you are involved in 4H. So far this year my daughters and I have participated in Gymkhana’s, Community clean up, Halter lessons, Christmas Party, and an awards dinner for all the people that have helped make 4H so great! I am very excited to see what the rest of the year holds for us; especially as we prepare for the county fair in Logandale, NV.  4H has helped my girls to build self- confidence, a community spirit, and make new friends.  They have dedicated their heads to clearer thinking, their hearts to greater loyalty, their hands to larger service, their health to better living all for their club, community, country, and world. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful club of people and thank them for allowing us to participate. Shown below are a few of our favorite pictures from some of the activities we have participated in.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last year the Club members and parents donated their time to the Community of Sandy Valley to assist in the clean up.  Everyone met at the Sandy Valley Elementary School and then went out about their way to clean up and make a difference in the beauty of our community that was being hidden.  After several hours of clean up we all gathered back at the school to refuel on a wonderful lunch.

Wade Schneiderman & Ollie Anna Wadley

4H Kids doing their share to keep our community beautiful!


Save the date...April 2, 2011
Next Clean-up date scheduled.
More information to follow!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Thank you to Melissa Walsh ( 4-H Mom) for sharing the delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes for Valentines!  A big warm hug goes to you from the Horse Project!  Happy Valentines Day!

Great decorating job Tage!

2010 Commitment to Excellence in the Horse Project!.

The 2010 Horse Project required that each participant attend a classroom meeting, a mounted meeting and the gymkhana series in Logendale each month.  CC Chavez and Shaylee Sharples made a commitment to attend each meeting and each Gymkhana.  For making the effort and not missing an event they were honored with a trophy for their commitment to their project and to their club.  This is a great accomplishment in today's busy lifestyles that we all keep.  We appreciate the efforts that they have made and look forward to
this year's project. Thank you both for your commitment!

CC & Shaylee.......2010 Commitment of Excellence

Friday, February 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect!

These are pictures from our practice session at Sandy Valley Ranch last February.

Chasen Young, 4-H Club President

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st Gymkhana Competition of 2011

 Shaylee Sharples competing on Socks in Logandale, Nevada on January  22nd.

Monday, January 31, 2011


CC Chavez 1st place in the 2010 Moapa Valley Riders in the Senior division!