Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun in Logendale!

Heather Vale & Wimsy
 A great time was had at the gymkhana in Logendale this past Saturday.  Congratulations to Shaylee Sharples for taking 1st place in each of her events.  A job well done for your first trip without Mom!  Heather Vale and Ollie Anna Wadley also competed with the results pending.  Let's hope Heather and Wimsy were able to earn enough points to keep them in 1st place in their division.  As you can see above......They look like they are running faster than the wind!  Great job girls!  A big Thank You to the Hitchin' Post and to the Hoffman family for their financial support to make this trip possible.

1 comment:

  1. *crosses her fingers and Calamity's hooves for Heather and Wimsy*

    Love the look of concentration on their faces!

    Excellent job Shaylee! We're so proud of you :)

    Ollie Anna, I'm sure the judges will realize how wonderful you are and give you a great score!