Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Demonstrations at Clark County Fair 2011

Sandy Valley 4H Club set up the Demonstration competition for the Clark County Fair in Logandale.  Many club members participated.  Maddy Wadley competed in the Intermediate Division, demonstrating "How to Feed a Market Show Hog."  She did a fine job, taking second place in her division.

Chasen Young
The Senior Division was well represented by three members: Chasen Wadley, Darby Wadley, and Mary Benner.  Chasen brought home first place in the Senior division with his demonstration on "Veterinary Needs of a Market Show Hog," during which, Chasen showed the judges and crowd how to remove the young hog's tusks and clip its tail.  The toughest part of his demonstration was how to castrate the young hog.  Using a ping pong ball, a balloon, and some saran wrap, as well as a knife, he gave a good portrait of a real castration process.  And he did it as clinically as a good veterinarian!  Great job, Chasen!

Darby Wadley
Darby Wadley brought home second place with his demonstration "How to Show a Market Swine."  Darby's flair for showmanship was well demonstrated to the judges, who enjoyed his style and attention to the details on how to win the game of showing.  He was funny and personable and the judges loved it!  The kicker was when he brought his little sister, OllieAnna, costumed as little pig, to demonstrate his showmanship.  She stole the show!
Mary Benner
Mary Benner demonstrated "Embellishing Felted Wool with Seed Beads."  Mary's demonstration was close-up with the judges, as she showed them with needle and thread, how to embellish the wool.  She took fourth place in the Senior Division.
The Junior Division was represented by Hannah Henry, who demonstrated "How to Make Slime."  Hannah took third place.

Cloverbuds OllieAnna Wadley and Tage Colon received Class Act awards for their demonstration on "How to Make a Chia Pet."

Great participation by all!  Our 4H kids did a great job!  Congratulations!

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