Thursday, May 19, 2011


Nothing makes a Mother and 4-H Leader prouder than when a six year old does the right thing in every aspect!
Shaylee Sharples & Sox
Saturday was a trying day for us to get all 5 horses to Logendale for our monthly gymkhana series.  We left extra early, as we always do, but had the bad luck of having two FLAT tires on the way.  We were rescued by one of our 4H Dad's delivering a tire, that barely fit, so that we could limp the rest of the way to the Clark County Fair Grounds.  Upon almost arriving a some-what frantic call is made by one of the parents to inform us that we have 5 minutes or her daughter will miss her class.  We are about 10 minutes away and know that it is going to be close.  As we are approaching the arena we are making plans on how we are going to tag team to get the horses unloaded quickly, get Sox saddled and ready to go.  Yes, of course she is one of the last ones we unload.  In the meantime, Mom is stalling the event as much as possibly when it gets down to the wire.  Shaylee has to make the run her horse cold or to take McKenna up on her extremely generous offer of lending her Jingle Bells to compete on.  Let's remember..this is a 6 year old lending another 6 year old (her biggest competitor for the season) her horse so that she does not lose her point standing.  Mom steps in and lets Shaylee know that she has a choice to make...ride Jingle Bells or to ride her horse cold out of the trailer.  In the meantime, those of us not knowing what is happening at the arena are unloading horses and getting Sox brushed and saddled in record time.  We meet Shaylee at the gate to find out that she did one of the bravest and smartest things.  She chose to ride a horse in competition that she had never thrown a leg over instead of taking a chance at injuring her horse by riding it COLD.  Her horsemanship and her love for Sox allowed her to make one of the best decisions.  In the end...Shaylee placed in the top three on a horse that she had never rode in two events and then had time to warm up Sox and ride her in the last two events.  A win, win situation for ALL! 
We are very proud of you Shaylee for making such a good BIG decision! 
Thank you goes to McKenna & her Mom, Becky!  We believe you get the sportsmanship award of the day!  You set a great example for our 4H kids!
McKenna & Jingle Bells

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